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original article source: http://www.loopjamaica.com/content/view-outside-well-done-wolmers-boys-class-1982

Mr. Karyl Walker - Editor In ChiefThe recent handing over of $1 million by members of the Wolmer's Boys' School Class of 1982 to their alma mater is worthy of high praise and commendation. If not for their benevolence, this group of former students should be commended for their commitment to assisting other students who now, and will in the future, attend the institution.

The money was collected over a matter of months through donations from the old boys and was officially handed over during the group’s first reunion week of activities at the school’s Heroes Circle base in Kingston.

The Class of ‘82 has adopted the school’s science lab and the money was handed over directly to the head of the school's science department, Rassan Smith.

Apart from assisting students who sit in the same classrooms they themselves were taught the rudiments of the sciences, arts and how to become a rounded individual, the move is also one that assists in nation building as these students are not only Wolmerians but Jamaicans who, if they live up to their full potential, can create wonders and push Jamaica’s image further into a positive sphere.

The move is also praiseworthy due to the fact that the Class of ’82 has only come together since 2016 and since then has taken on a number of initiatives to assist the school.

Utilising the social media platform Whatsapp, the conceptualisers, Balford Douglas, Walter Brown, Lloyd Plummer, Steve Salmon, Jerome Waite and Lorne Bryan, rallied the troops and soon the group had members communicating daily from around the globe.

The group’s current president, Bandele Sankofa, is himself an old boy who pursued higher learning at the University of the West Indies and returned to the school to teach history. Sankofa is now the head of the school’s history department.

But the Class of ’82 is more than just pooling funds and posing for media cameras to donate a symbolic cheque.

This group of Jamaicans have embarked on other initiatives to ensure that the tradition of Age Quod Agis – translated from Latin to mean Whatever You Do, Do It Well – is forever embedded in the minds of the young Jamaicans who attend the Wolmer's institution.

The Class of ’82 has mentored students, donated laptop computers and projectors, painted the first form block, embarked on a yearly project of watering the school’s football field during the months of drought leading up to the beginning of the schoolboy football season, provided free security consultancy, and most contentiously led a movement through a stinging petition to rid the school’s representatives in sport and other disciplines of donning the ‘wrong’ colours of red and yellow instead of the maroon and gold which is a standard, among other initiatives. Despite being branded in some quarters as noisy rabble rousers, this group of former students stuck to their guns and has shown a dedication to their alma mater that is more than admirable.

After a few hiccups, the school’s Manning Cup team now represent the school in the ‘right’ maroon and gold colours this season.

The Class of ’82 is but one group that is part of the wider Wolmer's Old Boys Association but has this year stood out for their thoughtful move in assisting Jamaica through their school. Only good can come of it.

As a seasoned journalist who has stomped the pavement covering crime for almost two decades, I am well aware that blood, gore and bad news in general sells. Too often we are bombarded with sob stories and the bad things that some Jamaicans involve themselves in. Dog bites man is not news, but man bites dog certainly is.

This is not one of those man bites dog pieces. It is one geared at motivating all old students of all schools in Jamaica to take a leaf out of the book of Class of 82 and assist those youngsters who now hold a place you once held.

Think about it. You are giving back to your school but greater than that you are building Jamaica – a country whose youth are in a quagmire of economic social and political mess and who needs all the assistance they can get from any quarter to save those of that generation who are not yet branded irredeemable.

As a resident of South Florida, I am well aware that a number of alumni groups embark on fundraising activities annually to raise funds for their alma maters and I wish to use this medium to encourage them to continue to build Jamaica land we love by giving the youngsters the only tangible thing that can make a difference – an education.

That is my view from the outside.

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Wolmer’s Boys' class of 82 donates $1 million to school's science dept

Members of the Wolmer's Boys' School Class of 1982 recently gave back to their alma mater with a donation of $1 million to the school’s science department.

Monday, 03 December 2018 19:41

Wolmer's recognises four exemplary old boys

Written by

Retired Lieutenant Commander, John McFarlane (centre) was among those honoured by the Wolmer’s Old Boys Association. (PHOTOS: Llewellyn Wynter)’

Retired Lieutenant Commander, John McFarlane (centre) was among those honoured by the Wolmer’s Old Boys Association. (PHOTOS: Llewellyn Wynter)

Saturday, 17 November 2018 07:39

Wolmer's Boys' serves up feast at tennis champs

Written by

Original Article source: http://www.loopjamaica.com/content/wolmers-double-serves-proud-moment-sanguinetti

DAVID Sanguinetti, head coach of the Wolmer's Boys' tennis programme, endured a 'proud moment' when the school lifted two of three titles at the Inter-Secondary Schools Sports Association (ISSA) National High Schools Tennis Championship.

“It was indeed a proud moment for me watching the Wolmer's Boys' team compete at the National High Schools Tennis competition. The school entered three teams in the event, Under-19, Under-16 and Under-14 and they all made it to the finals, a first for the school,” Sanguinetti pointed out.

Wolmer's Boys' won the Under-14 title by beating Hillel Academy 2-1 in the final and the Heroes' Circle-based institution also claimed the Under-19 crown, when they registered a 4-1 victory over traditional rivals Jamaica College (JC) in the final.

However, Campion College denied Wolmer's the triple, when they won the boys' Under-16 final 3-0.

“The Under-14 team that won the title for the first time was made up of players with no national ranking (Joshua Haye, Matthew Wright, Nickoli Morgan and Kajuan Haughton),” Sanguinetti analysed. “They won the event that included highly ranked national players; this was truly an outstanding performance by the team. The boys' 16s reached the finals for the first time in 12 years, but they were beaten by a Campion team made up of national players.”

The curtains came down on the ISSA National High School Tennis competition at the Eric Bell Tennis Centre on Saturday and in girls' action, two of the three winners were claiming the title for the first time.

In the Girls' Under-14 category, first-time entrants Montego Bay High created quite a stir with a historic 2-0 win over Immaculate Conception High, who never had a good finals outing.

The Manor Park-based institution suffered a second loss in the finals, when they were beaten 3-1 by AISK in the battle for the Under-16 crown. In the process, AISK went on to claim their first Under-16 Girls' title.

In the other Girl's final, Hillel defeated Campion College 4-2 to lift the prestigious Under-19 title.

The tennis Jamaica-staged event was run at a high standard which included officials to monitor the matches and a nurse on hand.

Present at the prize-giving was Tennis Jamaica president, Aswad Morgan, and Ryan Foster, CEO of the Jamaica Olympic Association, who assisted in handing out the awards.

Thirty-four (34) teams from 12 schools with over 200 players, participated in the event, which also included, for the first time, a consolation element that guaranteed first-round losers at least two matches.

AISK won the Under-14 consolation events beating B-14 Ardenne 2-1 and Mount Alvernia (3-0) in the respectiove boys' and girl's categories. Among the 16s, St George's beat Ardenne 3-1 in boys' play and Campion College topped Mount Alvernia's girls 3-1. Campion's boys beat AISK 4-1, while Immaculate romped to a 7-0 win over Ardenne in the girls' Under-19 action.

Participating schools were MoBay High, Mount Alvernia High, Campion College, Hillel, St Andrew High for Girls, Ardenne High, AISK, Immaculate Conception High, St. George's College, JC, Wolmer's Boys' and first-time entrants Victory Academy.

St James' Mount Alvernia and Victory Academy won the respective Girl's and Boys' Most Discipline Awards.

Monday, 03 September 2018 02:00

The Wolmer's model is what I copied ...

Written by

The Wolmer's model is what I copied as Headmaster of Jamaica College and continue to use for all high schools...

Winner of the Rita Marley Foundation’s Essay Competition, David Salmon of Wolmer’s Boys’

Winner of the Rita Marley Foundation’s Essay Competition, David Salmon of Wolmer’s Boys’

Eric Coleridge Barnett's grandchildren carry the urn bearing his remains, in between a guard of honour formed by Wolmerians, at the UWI Chapel, Mona in St Andrew on Wednesday. (PHOTOS: Marlon Reid)


Eric Coleridge Barnett's grandchildren carry the urn bearing his remains, in between a...

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