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Wolmer's Schools, located in Kingston, Jamaica consists of Wolmer's Pre-School, Wolmer's Preparatory School and two high schools: Wolmer's Trust High School For Girls and Wolmer's Trust High School for Boys.

Welcome to the Wolmer's Trust Website

Welcome to the Wolmer's Trust Website A website dedicated to the tradition of excellence of the Three (3) Wolmer's Schools - Wolmer's Trust High School for Boys, Wolmer's Trust High School for Girls, and Wolmer's Preparatory School.

My Fellow Wolmerians and Friends of Wolmer's, 2014 is now here and with it the commencement of our great celebration of 285 years of excellence! We have much to be thankful to God for and we can be justly proud of the positive impact our Schools have had on thousands of lives.

We are well on our way to meeting the three objectives I shared with you two messages ago and of which I constantly remind you so that you can see the progress which is being made.

Mr. Milton Samuda - Chairman  Wolmer's Trust

Milton Samuda - Chairman

When I re-positioned the Website, it was with a view to assisting the first goal which I identified as ensuring "that the Trust became a modern pro-active Trust which had as one of its key performance indicators, the raising of substantial funds for the Schools". This is happening. In our 285th Year the target is US$1Million. Much of those funds will go towards the second objective of the Boys' School Auditorium, for which we will break ground next year. The third objective of "THE WOLMER'S ACADEMY" is taking shape with partnerships and funding starting to be identified.

Your role in these processes is clear. Whatever you can give in time and funds, please commit and let us know. There are other projects which can benefit form your unique support - the Girls' School Library and Media Centre; the Prep School's Learning Centre; the Schools' central, modern database; and the constant, ongoing upgrade of plant and facilities.

The continued outstanding performances of our students in the classroom, on the field and beyond the curriculum, are an unending source of inspiration for the Trust and for the entire Wolmer's Family. What we do, we do for you.

So once again I challenge Wolmerians everywhere to join hands to make these dreams a reality. It will take united and concerted effort and generous giving. I urge you to, not only participate, but to ensure that fellow Wolmerians and friends of Wolmer's participate generously.



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