David Goldson regards himself as a true Wolmerian as he is an old boy of both Wolmer's Prep (1970 – 1977) and Wolmer's Boys' (1977 – 1984). In fact, David was at the prep school when it was relocated from Arnold Road to its present home on Connolley Avenue. Additionally, David is the second of three brothers who also attended Wolmer's. After his successful Common Entrance placement at Wolmer's Boys, David involved himself in several extra curricular activities including Swimming, Water Polo and the Photo Club. Starting in Fourth Form, David spent his summer holidays at Hue Lyew Chin (HLC) learning the basic elements of structural and civil engineering. He was so inspired by the work experience that he chose this field when he left to pursue his Bachelors of Science Degree at the University of New Orleans.

He returned to Jamaica after completing his first degree and worked with HLC for eight months before leaving for the University of Florida to study for his Masters in Structural Engineering. David worked in construction for a few years but after receiving a call from Tommy Lyew, he returned to HLC in 1999 where he is now a partner With the firm.

David was the lead engineer on several projects across Jamaica including the Scotia Bank buildings on Constant Spring Road and Montego Bay as well as the luxurious Sandals Resort property in Grenada.

David was informed about the Wolmer's Auditorium project by Tommy Lyew and he decided that he could not let this opportunity to give back to Wolmer's go by. “I knew that I had to be involved in this historic exercise at Wolmer's. This school has done so much for me and this is the lease I could do to contribute to Wolmer's development. I am very proud to be a part of this team." David followed his dream of being a structural engineer and wants to encourage existing students to do likewise. “It doesn't matter if you are not academically inclined, follow your passion and you will find something fulfilling."