Welcome Wolmerians - Donation from WAASF

Welcome Wolmerians - Donation from the Wolmer's Alumni Association of South Florida (WAASF)

Dozens of students at all three schools will benefit from the very generous donation of stationery and toiletries from WAASF. The initiative was led by Immediate Past President Karen McCallum with support from her family and friends. The items were received yesterday, September 5th - the first day of school. Thanks Karen, thanks WAASF. These gifts are greatly appreciated.






Wolmer's Magazine - June.6.2016

This, the 2015/2016 school year and the 286th year of Wolmer’s, is a very special one for the Wolmer’s community. It is the first year, since the destruction of the auditorium in 1991 that the academic year has started with an auditorium. Other major triumphs in the year so far include extra-curricular activities and sports involvement as well as academia, particularly because many of our students have gained top placements in Jamaica and the Caribbean in many subject areas.

To commemorate this exceptional year we will be publishing a special edition of The Wolmerian, dubbed, “Excellence All-Round”; a one hundred page publication that documents all the major successes in the past year. Additionally, it will showcase the people who have worked assiduously to maintain the high standards of the institution.

The cost of this venture is very expensive, estimated at one million Jamaican dollars; it is in this regard that your sponsorship is being sought so that we will be able to meet the June publication deadline. In addition, your sponsorship will see you and your business engaging with the youth and endorsing excellence in academia and extra/co-curricular activities. You will also be reinforcing the idea that your business supports the education of our children and youth empowerment, as this is the way forward if we intend to contribute to the building and development of our country. It is also a means to keep the 2015/2016 year alive.

We greatly appreciate your consideration and urge you to contemplate the importance of your support, not only to the Wolmer’s community, but also to the society at large. Please contact student project coordinator, Aldane Walters (Head boy) and/or faculty advisor Mrs. Karen Gobern for more information. We anticipate your favourable response.

Dr Walton Small (Principal)

After 24 years, Wolmer's Boys assemble inside own auditorium

Wolmer's Boys' School held its first general assembly in its new state-of-the-art auditorium on Monday.

The occasion marked the first time in 24 years that the school was holding its general morning assembly inside an auditorium, after the previous building was destroyed by fire in 1991. Generations of Wolmerians had to endure whatever nature had in store at least twice a week for the morning devotions. Project lead Douglas Orane, a Wolmer's 'Old Boy' and former chairman and CEO of GraceKennedy, expressed his exhilaration at the moment on social media.

"First morning assembly in new auditorium at Wolmers. Our young gentlemen finally out of the sun and rain after 24 years!" Orane said.

'This Is More Than A Roof' - Wolmer's Principal Ecstatic At Dedication Of New Auditorium

When Wolmerians from near and far gathered yesterday to witness the dedication of the new auditorium at the institution, Dr Walton Small, principal of Wolmer's Boys' School, could not hide his joy.

"Yes, ladies and gentlemen! All I wanted was the roof, but this is more than a roof," he shouted to thunderous applause.

Small said he was extremely grateful to see the completion of the auditorium.

"The gentlemen and the staff of this noble institution have been operating without an auditorium for the past 24 years," he said. "The experiences of the young men have been uncomfortable. They experienced standing in the sun and enduring showers of rain."

Small also said the auditorium would bring significant savings to the school as school functions such as graduation will no longer be held elsewhere.

The dedication of the auditorium, carried out by The Right Reverend Dr Howard Gregory, Diocesan Bishop of Jamaica and The Cayman Islands, represents a culmination of efforts by the Wolmer's Trust to provide a place of assembly for the three schools which operate under its auspices, including Wolmer's Girl's School and Wolmer's Preparatory School.

Chairman of the Wolmer's Trust, Milton Samuda, lauded the efforts of Douglas Orane, who was instrumental in mobilising resources for the construction of the auditorium.

"It was with our recruiting of Douglas Orane to the Trust and with my appointment of him to chair our Infrastructure Committee that our plans took wings," Samuda said.

"Douglas made this his passion and his mission and used his considerable influence to ensure that the funding was raised."

For his part, Orane highlighted the environ-mentally friendly features of the building.

"Our new auditorium is a green building Ö . The building has a water-harvesting system. The building will have installed, on its south facing roof, solar panels which produce enough electricity to meet one-third of the school's energy needs ... . The building also has a modern state-of-the-art waste-disposal system," he said.