Fundraising Campaign For Malcolm Binns

The following is a message from alum Kirk Benjamin - President, WOBA

Greetings Wolmerians and friends of Wolmers,

The fundraising campaign to assist needy past students has started in earnest. Already we have had donations of $35,000 to help Wolmerian medical student Malcolm Binns, who needs $331,000 by September 30 to pay outstanding tuition at UWI, to prevent being removed from the medical school. Wolmerian Douglas Orane has agreed to anchor Malcolm's campaign by matching donations by others, dollar for dollar, up to $165,500 (that's half the amount needed).

Please donate NOW so that your funds can be matched dollar for dollar by Douglas. Please pay by cash/cheque/ credit card to Wolmer’s Boys’ School, and inform the bursar Mr Eaton Facey that the funds are for Malcolm Binns.

You can also give by going to the website Click on the PayPal DONATE button under the heading “Wolmer’s Donations” and make your donation online. Please send an email to Wolmer’s Trust treasurer Andre Gooden This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. confirming the amount you have remitted and stating it is for Malcolm Binns.

Please see below in italics a summary of Malcolm’s courageous journey through life in his own words. It should make every one of us proud, when we reflect on his grit and determination.

I am now requesting two other alumni volunteers step forward to anchor the raising of funds urgently required for two other needy students, and other volunteers for the funding of a general scholarship fund for the future.

Colleagues, I've increased my mailbox capacity since my last email to you, as I expect to get a flood of responses to lead this initiative. Remember we are Wolmerians so we don't replicate, we Revolutionize. Let's work together to Revolutionize how funding of needy brilliant students can be done to benefit our country.

Age Quod Agis,

Kirk Benjamin

President  - Wolmers Old Boys Association


September 20, 2016


My name is Malcolm Binns. I am currently a medical student entering second year of the M.B.,B.S programme at the University of the West Indies. My educational journey began in 1998 at the Mona Commons Basic School, continuing on to Mona Heights Primary School. My high school years were spent at Wolmer's Trust High School for Boys where I also completed both years of sixth form.

I finished basic school as champion boy, setting the stage for future academic achievements. At the end of primary school, I was successful in obtaining an average of 94% in the GSAT exams which ultimately led to my placement at Wolmer's. During the time spent at Wolmer's, I was a frequent awardee of the blue report award. My focus never wavered when I sat my CSEC and CAPE exams, allowing me to gain entrance to UWI to study medicine.

In addition to academics at Wolmer’s, I held positions such as prefect and environmental monitor. I was also an avid member of clubs such as the Science Club, Chess Club and Interact Club, the latter in which I held the position of sergeant at arms. I was also a member of the track team of 2011/2012.

I acquired all A's from my first semester of medical school. Currently, I cannot access my second semester grades as I owe $331,000 in tuition for that period. However, I am quite confident that I did just as well or better than the first.

At age seven, I lost my father to gun violence. During my time at primary school Mr. Neils-Peter Blake, a JC Old Boy, took an interest in me due to a combination of my family situation as well as my consistently outstanding academic progress. For as long as I can remember, he has held the position of mentor, friend, source of support and teacher of life skills.

In 2010 when there was another upsurge of violence in Mona Commons where I was living, which is opposite the entrance gate to the UWI Hospital, my uncle was killed in gang violence. Mr. Blake assisted in moving me, my mother and my sister far from the area. For my first year at UWI, Mr. Blake provided me with a room free of cost in Mona Heights. He has extended the same privilege to me this year.

I am humbly asking for your donation towards paying the $331,000 that I owe for first year, so that I can continue my studies. I need to have this paid by Sept 30, failing which I will not be allowed to attend any further classes. I dearly wish to make our Wolmer’s proud by serving my country as a doctor.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this request for help.

Yours truly,

Age Quod Agis


Wolmerian Malcolm Binns

Belen Rambana - Friend of Wolmer's



Belén Rambana is a dedicated Brownie who wanted to work to earn the Girl Scout “Helping Hands” patch and do something good for others. The seven-year-old considered starting a trash pick-up project, adopting a manatee or donating proceeds from an online store of toys she no longer plays with.  But, when she learned from her aunt Karen McCallum, who is President of the not-for-profit Wolmer’s Alumni Association, South Florida Chapter, that students in Kingston, Jamaica were in need of some of the same school supplies American kids take for granted, as well as personal hygiene items that are inexpensive and easy to come by in the United States, Belén knew what she wanted to do.

“My dad is from Jamaica and I’d like to help….,” said the first generation Jamaican-American, who chose to first help Wolmer’s girls ages 10-18. 

 Consistent with Wolmer’s Christian ethos and the Girl Scout law, a line of which is “to help people at all times,” Belén made her list of items and started a school supply and personal hygiene goods drive called “Belén’s Friends”. Donors to the project are asked to gather items ranging from black ball point pens to be used during exams, to soap and toothpaste in gallon-sized zippered plastic bags, which Belén shipped to the West Indies at her own expense. “I’ll make a homemade card for anyone [who donates] so that they can give it to someone they love,” said Belén from Tallahassee, Florida.



With her mother Elizabeth Ricci and her ten-year-old sister Paloma, Belén excitedly shopped for color coordinated donations.  “She bought everything on the list and then some,” said her father, Neil Rambana.  “Once she got home from the store, she laid everything out and methodically filled each big Ziploc bag, making sure everything fit just right,” he proudly explained.

“Belen is a little girl with a big heart,” said her aunt Karen.  Wolmer’s Girls’ School Principal Colleen Montague wrote a letter of appreciation to Belén, telling her “we at Wolmer’s High School for Girls are inspired by a child who is so young to have a vision so big, and to make her vision a reality is just awesome.”  The girls also sent a thank you video which Belén thoroughly enjoyed.

 On June 11 Belén had a “Party With a Promise” to gather more donations for Wolmer’s Schools.  Children’s author and founder of Fantastic Life Choices, Kerie Boshka, heard about Belén’s party and its purpose, and told Belén she would promote the party in association with her new book about doing good for others  (see  She was very proud to be a part of Belén’s Friends, and pledged part proceeds from the sale of her book to Wolmer’s Schools.  Wolmer’s Alumni Association, South Florida Chapter, presented Belén with an award, thanking her for her support and hard work.

 We all know Wolmer’s motto is Age Quod Agis, which means “Whatever you do, do it well.” Belén is putting her heart and effort into this project and certainly doing it well. She continues with her drive for Wolmer’s Schools and says she will now concentrate on getting items for the preparatory and Boys’ schools.

 WAASF and Wolmer’s schools say a big “thank you” to Belén and Belén’s Friends.

Welcome Wolmerians - WBS

Many thanks to the old boys who turned out this morning to welcome the students for the new 2016/2017 school year. There were lots of happy faces and commendations from parents, guardians and teachers. Great example of the Wolmer's spirit.


Here are a few highlights:







Welcome Wolmerians - WGS

As we begin the 2016/2017 school year, it was full house at the WGS orientation for first form students. The session was held in the Douglas Orane Auditorium. The girls were accompanied by their parents/guardians while members of WOGA and current Sixth Formers assisted with the activities.


Highlights are below: