Fundraising campaign for Wolmerian medical student Malcolm Binns has been a success


Greetings Wolmerians and friends of Wolmer’s,

Thank you for your outpouring of support to help our needy Wolmerian medical student Malcolm Binns. The final accounting shows that we raised $487,900, exceeding our target of $331,000 by $156,900. You will recall that Malcolm was at risk of not being able to continue in second year medicine, because all of his first year tuition had not been paid. That hurdle has now been cleared, and the extra amount raised has been applied to his second year tuition.

The other good news is that our fundraising activities helped encourage the Canadian Foundation for UWI (CFUWI) to give an additional C$5,000, or approximately $473,000, towards Malcolm’s second year tuition, which as a result has now been fully paid.

There are many more young Wolmerians in need of our support, and we can make a difference to help them over the hurdles they may face. This campaign is an example of how, by working together, we can produce remarkable results.

To those who donated, thanks for your generosity to assist the younger generation.

Age Quod Agis,

Kirk Benjamin

President  - Wolmer's Old Boys Association

February 12, 2017