15:51, November 14, 2016


Wolmer's Boys celebrated their Super Cup triumph on Monday morning.

The joy was unfounded.

After making the semi-finals three years in a row, the boys from Heroes Circle in Kingston finally did it. Riding on the back of a thunderous 90th minute strike from Alphanso Gooden, Wolmer’s dumbed the pundits and pulled off the unfancied. The occasion was not lost on Principal Dr Walton Small and his worthy team of school administrators. On Monday, a special devotion was held at the school to commemorate the historic win.

The students, teachers and, of course, old boys, did have fun.

There were many high points. The parents of Dominic James – who died on a Manning Cup field while wearing a St George's College team jersey early in the season – were on hand to extend hearty congratulations to the Wolmer’s team.  Coach Vassell Reynolds was beside himself as he pranced about.

Dr Small was also a picture of victory. He seemed overawed by the occasion and smiled broadly throughout.

One of the most outstanding features of the celebration was the apology of Yannick Elliott a talented player who objected to being substituted during the final.

“I apologise for my behaviour. You do not know the passion involved in this. I am sorry,” Ellliott said.

His act was praised by Small.

“It takes a man to come up here and apologise like that,” Small said.

All told, Wolmer’s celebrated!